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Vicky Hansen received her MFA in 1993 from Kansas State where she studied with Angelo Garzio.  Before graduate school, she was a fulltime wood firing potter at her adobe home and studio in southern Colorado.  She currently teaches ceramics at Colorado State University- Pueblo. 


She exhibited and presented “Alternative Avenues to Ash and Flash” at the International Wood fire Conference, University of Iowa, in 1999. She was one of eighty international potters at the "Aomori International Wood Fire Festival 2002" in Japan. In spring 2008, she participated in Kevin Crowe’s “Community of Fire” in Amherst Virginia.  Kevin invited established wood fire potters: Stephen Driver, Jack Troy, Judith Duff, Vicky Hansen, Mark Hewitt and Robert Compton to join him and a vital group of young potters in firing his large anagama/noborigama combination kiln. In April, 2010, she returned to fire new work at Kevin's kiln.


Out of the heart, into the kiln, poem...

This book attempts to capture in pots and poems a bit of the magic energy of the spring 2010 firing of Kevin Crowe's large wood burning kiln.

Out of the heart, into the kiln, poems and pots by Wood firing at Tye River Pottery spring 2010 | Make Your Own Book